Fleming Yachts

Fleming – the ultimate cruising yacht

Fleming Yachts are considered to be the ultimate cruising yacht by serious cruisers and boating journalists throughout the world. Their timeless designs, fuel-efficient hulls, meticulous engineering and luxurious accommodations set the standard by which other cruising yachts are measured. A classic, low profile motor yacht with a true pilothouse configuration that will never go out of style.


The Fleming Yachts Range

    Fleming 55

    The Fleming 55 is a well-proven raised-pilothouse motoryacht designed for serious cruising.

    Fleming 58

    On the 25th anniversary of the founding of the company, Fleming Yachts are proud to announce the introduction of the all-new Fleming 58.

    Fleming 65

    The Fleming 65 was introduced in mid 2005 in response to a strong demand for an intermediate Fleming between the 55 and the 75.

    Fleming 78

    This 80-ton yacht has been built to qualify for European CE certification for Ocean Class, and she presents the ultimate balance of rugged construction, engineering excellence and artful elegance. Fleming Yachts are the "Ultimate Cruising Yacht," and the Fleming 78 is the ultimate Fleming.

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