Prestige Express

The Prestige Express or Sports Yacht style is popular the world over and particularly in New Zealand. Prestige however have taken this concept to a new level of styling, features, quality and affordability. Large master cabins, huge portlights and plenty of open spaces. Traditional sports cruiser styling with the benefit of some of the worlds best designers make this range well worth considering.

    Prestige 420 S

    All the advantages of a grand Prestige Yacht, on a more intimate scale.

    Prestige 460 S

    PRESTIGE 460 - reinvent life aboard a 46-footer.

    Prestige 450 S

    Prestige has revisited the coupe concept from the Prestige 500S: The Prestige 450 S offers a comfortable lounge and bright, well ventilated by its vast roof and large sliding rear bay.

    Prestige 500 S

    A truely elegant and practical boat, ideal for our New Zealand lifestyle with a level of class and finish not previously seen at this price point.

    Prestige 560 S

    The NEW MODEL PRESTIGE 560 S offers an exceptional interior layout and a range of new options available.