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Prestige Yachts

With our exclusive yacht division, the Prestige brand aims to provide the ultimate in luxury. The name stands for excellence, a unique and personalised customer service provided by a worldwide network of specialists and renowned experts. It is the symbol of rigorous attention to detail and pursuit of the highest level of quality.

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    Prestige 630

    The PRESTIGE 630 adopt the latest innovations by Garroni Design.

    Prestige 630S

    The PRESTIGE 630S design is a step forward in the world of express motor yachts; introducing the concept of the Sport-Fly.

    Prestige 680

    The new Prestige 680 incorporates all the key features that have made the Prestige range a success.

    Prestige 680S

    The PRESTIGE 680S completes the line of PRESTIGE luxury motor yachts.

    Prestige 750

    The Prestige 750 is born of the same values that constitute the DNA of Prestige: a passion for innovation and an enduring commitment to quality and excellent value, to originality in layout, and to timeless design.

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