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  • Prestige 590 Fly Aerials 19 Bernard_Dino_Bonomo Medium
  • 29082018 0X2A1492 Medium
  • 29082018 BB1A1386 Medium
  • 29082018 BB1A1369 Medium
  • Prestige 590 Fly Aerials 17 Bernard_Dino_Bonomo Medium
  • 29082018 0X2A1349 Medium
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  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO7 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO17 Medium
  • Prestige 590 Fly Aerials 12 Bernard_Dino_Bonomo Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO6 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO16 Medium
  • 29082018 0X2A1341 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO15 Medium
  • 29082018 0X2A1333 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO5 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO14 Medium
  • Prestige 590 Fly Aerials 1 Bernard_Dino_Bonomo Medium
  • 29082018 0X2A1278 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO4 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO13 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO3 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO11 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO12 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO23 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO10 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO21 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO22 Medium
  • Prestige 590 Fly Aerials 23 Bernard_Dino_Bonomo Medium
  • 29082018 BB1A1394 retouchee Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO1 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO9 Medium
  • PRESTIGE_590 Jean Francois_ROMERO20 Medium
  • Prestige 590 Fly Aerials 21 Bernard_Dino_Bonomo Medium

Prestige 590

Fluid lines and excellent ergonomics are the hallmarks of the Prestige 590. Each space and every curve has been designed with form, function and comfort in mind.

Presenting the brand new model for 2019 – With fluid lines and excellent ergonomics, the Prestige 590 proudly demonstrates the hallmarks of the range.
Each space and every curve has been designed with form, function and comfort in mind.

A generous flybridge and sleek radar arch enhance the onboard comfort and the powerful look. The ability to choose between an independent crew cabin and a large tender garage is unique in her category.

All these design features come together in a yacht that provides remarkable comfort and dynamic design.

Refined Elegance

The attention to detail sets the Prestige 590 apart. Rounded furniture edges blend into comfortable seating areas that are both cosy and inviting.

The materials, layout and sightlines all contribute to a sense of well-being onboard and an understated, refined elegance.

Superior Technology

On board command and control provided by Ship Control puts all functions and system monitoring at your fingertips. Technology and innovation developed for ease of use, but also peace of mind.


  • L-shaped cockpit seating: cosy and comfortable
  • Fully-featured flybridge
  • Large hydraulic platform with autosteps: facilitates tender handling and access to the water
  • Cummins with Zeus pods: Performance and joystick manoeuvring, as well as built-in autopilot, Skyhook dynamic positioning and trim tab functions
  • Available with tender garage for jet tender or with fully-equipped crew cabin


  • 360° vision: exceptional natural light and visibility
  • Independent access to master stateroom: live in your private suite
  • Wrap-around galley with cockpit bar: blending interior and exterior entertaining
  • Main saloon with large seating area and lounge
  • Sliding door in saloon: access to side deck and ventilation
  • Full beam bathroom with adjoining walk-in closet
  • Exclusive VIP with walk-in closet
  • Available 3rd bathroom version

Pricing on application, enquire now for more information on where you can view this exciting new model from Prestige.

Listing Details

  • $ NZD
  • Prestige
  • 590
  • 18.7
  • 1.35 m / 4'5"
  • 4.84 m / 15'10"
  • Planing Launch
  • Planing
  • GRP
  • Cummins
  • Zeus Pod Drive
  • 2200 l / 581 US gal

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Email - sales@orakeimarine.co.nz
Prestige 590
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Prestige 590
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