FREEDOM7 Replacement Pouch
$42.00 Incl GST.

FREEDOM7 Replacement Pouch

$42.00 Incl GST.
Your FREEDOM7 pouch is going to get a lot of usage. If your pouch gets damaged, or over time the Velcro becomes less effective, don’t risk losing your unit. Stay safe and replace your pouch. It’s very simple to change over: Buy your new pouch, undo the screw attaching the antennae to the old pouch, slide it out and re-attach the new one. Then get back in the water to do what you love most!

The FREEDOM7 pouch is also compatible for the SURF7. Just remove the hex screw holding the red tabs, and then slide the SURF7 into the pouch threading the antennae through the loop to hold the unit in.
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