Shark Shield SCUBA7
$950.00 Incl GST.

Shark Shield SCUBA7

$950.00 Incl GST.
Trusted by thousands of professionals around the world the SCUBA7 is a must have piece of safety equipment. It is comfortable and lightweight, with one electrode mounted on the scuba tank and the second short low drag antenna on your ankle, enabling complete freedom to enjoy your scuba diving, sports diving or technical diving.

The FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7 Shark Shield products both have the same protective electrical field. The main difference between two products is the fitting. The FREEDOM7 is quick to get on and off with a convenient ankle pouch attachment and trailing antenna. The SCUBA7 takes a little longer to get on and off as it has one electrode mounted on the scuba tank and a short antenna on the ankle, but no trailing antenna.

How deep is your happiness? just a wild blue ocean adventure and you … and your Shark Shield SCUBA7 to turn sharks away. You’re not the kind to let fear limit the possibility of incredible adventures.

With over twenty years of world-class research and independent testing, including the Kwa-Zulu Natal Sharks Board in South Africa, the SCUBA7 is scientifically proven to turn sharks away. This is the only electrical shark deterrent system that offers you the peace of mind you need and desire while enjoying your scuba, sports or technical diving.

Once you’ve tried it you’ll know why it’s become the safety device chosen by professional divers in the US and Australian Navies and has become mandated equipment in the Australian Professional Abalone Diving Industry. The experts have made their choice. Why not do the same?

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The worlds only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent.

Mandated safety equipment in industries such as Abalone Diving, used by the US & Australian Navies.

Long life 6 hour rechargeable lithium battery (over 300 charge cycles).

Lightweight with specially designed tank mounted electrode and short low drag antenna.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee – if your don’t feel more confident in the water with Shark Shield

Battery pack life Nominal 300 charges.

Storage Temperature Between 0C – 60C (32F – 140F).

Operating Temperature Between 12C – 40C (53.6F – 104F) Lower temperatures will reduce the operating time.

Dimensions of Main Unit (without Antenna) 80mm L x 140mm W x 35mm H (3.15” x 5.51” x 1.5”).

Maximum Operating Depth 50 meters (164 feet).

Weight (unit only) 335 grams (11.8 oz).

Dry Weight (Complete) 950 grams (2.09lb).

Unit Operating Time 5-6 hours (temperature dependent)

In water weight (Complete) 69 grams (2.4oz)

Protective Field Strength >1v/m @ 1m from centre of electrodes

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Brian, who leads the detailing team, is very knowledgeable in the polishing and detailing of my boat and has introduced a fabulous system which stands out remarkably compared to boats more than half her age. I fully recommend this detailing team.
Peter Turner Zaffiro
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