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Lagoon 450 Sportop

The Lagoon 450 is now available in 2 versions: Flybridge or Sportop.

Lagoon 450: seeing bigger

  • in terms of accommodation
  • deck areas
  • facilities
  • performance

Lagoon expertise

  • infusion-moulding: weight saving (important for a catamaran), best possible structure, protection for the environment and shipyard workers
  • interior joinery in Alpi reconstituted wood in the interests of sustainable development (choice of finishes: light oak or teak)
  • vertical glazing for better protection against the sun, optimisation of space and headroom
  • gull-wing bridge deck for greater comfort in heavy seas
  • VPLP design: a guarantee of performance under sail!
  • and the Nauta Design touch for elegance and comfort

Above decks

  • the cabin-top design creates a more elegant and punchier roof outline
  • a large sunbathing area on the cabin top
  • the sail areas are the same with the Flybridge version. However, the lower mast and boom:

– reduces pitching
– makes the boom easier to access

  • the cabin top bulkhead fitted steering position fitted on the cabin-top aft bulkhead includes the following:

– all manoeuvres
– integrated large helm station seat
– access from the cockpit and the deck
– an optional extra safety system is also offered, with a tilting composite beam (optional) to close off the steering station in bad weather
– a composite Bimini above steering area is available as an optionBelow decks

  • interior design by Nauta: elegance and functionality
  • saloon and cabins exceptionally well lit
  • natural light in cabins thanks to large glazed panels on hulls
  • truly luxurious owner’s cabin
  • comfortable guest cabins with a side access to the double bed
  • “U”-shaped galley for greater comfort at sea, equipped with large hot plates, broad work space and plenty of storage
  • optimization of the access between the cockpit and the galley
  • engine compartments remote from the living areas and perfectly insulated

Watch the video:

Listing Details

  • $955,518 NZD
  • Lagoon
  • 450 Sportop
  • 45'10" Feet
  • Multihulls
  • Multi
  • Fibreglass
  • Sail
  • 2 x 40HP2 x 45 HP to 2 x 57 HP

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