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Merry Fisher Marlin

The Merry Fisher is renown for its design concept, style, performance and comfort on board. In all sea conditions, the Merry Fisher is seaworthy and sure, distinguished by its extraordinary versatility, capable of transforming to whatever your needs require.

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The Merry Fisher Marlin Range

    Jeanneau Merry Fisher 605 Marlin

    ​​​​​​The high-performance hull, the layout, and the ergonomic design for fishing make this an extremely easy to handle and safe boat.

    Jeanneau Merry Fisher 695 Marlin

    The Merry Fisher 695 Marlin features all the essential elements of the line, including: an adventurous look, side door access to a recessed sidedeck, and a spacious aft cockpit.

    Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 Marlin

    With her contemporary design and distinct personality, the new Merry Fisher 795 Marlin offers true comfort while underway and quality of life on board.

    Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 Marlin

    The Merry Fisher 895 Marlin has a contemporary design and distinctive personality, she's ideal for taking on an adventure!

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