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Zodiac Open 7

Part of the NEW OPEN series, the Zodiac Open 7 has a striking new design but retains all the features that have previously made it such a success.

The Open 7 features a deep-V hull, which enables it to cut smoothly into waves with ease, giving the boat optimum performance.

The console that is hinged onto the deck gives access to the integrated fuel tank and a storage area. The console offers a large flat surface for a range of navigation instruments to be installed. Equipped for the open seas, the OPEN 7 is an approved Class B design.

The Open 7 is suitable for towing on any road and is perfectly mobile to explore new places and regions.
The compartments on the deck will welcome the gear for all your water-based hobbies and can be converted into comfortable seats for a family day-out or into an empty space for fishing trips with friends. The many options available enable you to turn it into the ideal companion for watersports, fishing or relaxing.

Zodiac Open 7 Features

  • Deep V fibreglass hull
  • Neoprene™ fabric tube
  • Sundeck extension
  • Shower kit 55 L
  • Cooler  54 L
  • Fusion audio system
  • Bimini option
  • Roll bar included ski pole
  • Rear platforms

Contact our sales team or see downloads for full specs.

Price is a guide only and is subject to currency and shipping fluctuations. Price includes boat with standard equipment and minimum recommended outboard fitted.

Watch the video:

Listing Details

  • $100,500 NZD
  • Zodiac
  • Open 7
  • 6,95
  • 2,54
  • RIB
  • Planing
  • GRP
  • Power
  • Outboard

Contact Us

Drew Blair - 021 288 7555
Office - 09 524 8444
Email - sales@orakeimarine.co.nz
Zodiac Open 7
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Zodiac Open 7
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