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Zodiac Inflatables

The Zodiac inflatable range offers unique stability and astonishing load capacity.

They are light enough to suit your davit system and compact and easy to stow. Perfect as a tender to and from your boat to shore, with plenty of space and storage options.

Strong performers on the water, these models are perfect for those on a fuel and maintenance budget.



Tenders Large e1573439865121

The Zodiac Inflatables Range

    Cadet Aero Floor

    Compact and lightweight, Cadet Aero inflatables are easy to store and launch making trips to shore a breeze.

    Cadet Aluminium Floor

    The high-performance Cadet Alu models have a deck composed of durable aluminium plates that give a strong base to the additional inflatable keel V, allowing them to plane rapidly and improving manoeuvrability.

    Cadet RIB Aluminium Hull

    The Cadet RIB Alu range offers strong yet ultra-light tenders which are easy to handle and have low impact on your boat’s davits.

    Cadet RIB Aluminium Hull DL

    Equipped with a deck locker, this version is ideal for keeping your gear dry or storing your fuel tank.

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