Zodiac Medline 7

Zodiac Medline

Ideal for longer trips, the Zodiac Medline range offers you your own private beach thanks to its seating arrangement that can be converted into a large sunbathing area.

With ergonomic and modular deck plans, movement onboard is easy. The sundecks are spacious and effortless to set up and the aft-deck feels similarly comfortable and secure. The Medline offers the perfect range of boats for sunbathing, swimming or dining.

In addition, the entire Medline range has been optimised with a perfect weight/power ratio. As a result, the boats can handle moderate engine power, whilst still being simple to launch and store.

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The Zodiac Medline Range

    Zodiac Medline 500

    The Zodiac Medline 500 is perfectly compact without compromising on space for relaxation.

    Zodiac Medline 580

    The ultimate boat for fun in the sun, the Zodiac Medline 580 increases space for more people, more sunbathing, and a bigger motor.

    Zodiac Medline 660

    The Zodiac Medline 660 is very secure, offering superior comfort and a spacious deck plan.

    Zodiac Medline 7.5

    A true private oasis, the Zodiac Medline 7.5 can be transformed into a vast sunbathing area.

    Zodiac Medline 850

    The Zodiac Medline 850 has excellent weight-to-power ration, allowing strong engine capacity, while still being simple to launch and manoeuvre.

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