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Zodiac Open

The Zodiac Open range offers all-terrain models of the sea and is comfortable in any situation.

All of the Zodiac Open models have an adventurer style design with sleek lines. They have a perfectly ergonomic cockpit and a reinforced deep-V hull which offers control and stability in rough seas. As a result, these clever models cut smoothly through waves, giving the boat optimum performance.

The integrated fuel tank and storage areas are accessed through the console, which has space for a range of navigational instruments and a protective windscreen.

The compartments on the deck will welcome the gear for all your water-based hobbies. There is also plenty of comfortable seating for a family day out. Alternatively, you can empty the deck space for fishing trips with friends.

There are many options available with the Zodiac Open range and as a result, they are ideal companions for watersports, fishing or relaxing.

Zodiac Open 5

The Zodiac Open Range

    Zodiac Open 5.5

    The Zodiac Open 5.5 is perfect for towing and mobile to explore the amazing ocean playground NZ has to offer!

    Zodiac Open 6.5

    The Zodiac Open 6.5 offers a beautifully ergonomic cockpit and exceptional modularity - The SUV of the seas!

    Zodiac Open 7

    Part of the NEW OPEN series, the Zodiac Open 7 has a striking new design but retains all the features that have previously made it such a success.

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