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Zodiac Pro

The Zodiac Pro range will offer you the ultimate multi-purpose boat in a range of sizes! The wide range of optional features allows you to really personalise your deck layout.

The Zodiac Pro 7 offers a huge range of configurations. For example, there is a choice of four consoles with different widths so you can decide on the use of deck space.  New bumper cones astern give you the option for swim platforms on each side. Access to the water is effortless!

Every Pro model is aimed at lovers of all nautical sports from fishing to waterskiing and diving. If you’re looking for a boat which offers comfort, performance, security and room for all activities, the Zodiac Pro range is a fantastic option.


The Zodiac Pro Range

    Zodiac Pro 420

    The Zodiac Pro 420 has a range of options and accessories to choose from.

    Zodiac Pro 500

    The Zodiac Pro 500 is a classic model, offering unparalleled safety, comfort and performance.

    Zodiac Pro 5.5

    The Zodiac Pro 5.5 is a versatile and compact RIB with a clever deck layout. She has a sleek appearance and is very stable in choppy waters.

    Zodiac Pro 650

    With many configurations to choose from the Zodiac Pro 650 is versatile, with storage options for every on-water sport.

    Zodiac Pro 7

    The Zodiac Pro 7 has a deep-V fibreglass hull, strong Hypalon buoyancy tubes and an exceptional modular design which allows for a flexible layout.

    Zodiac Pro 750

    Perfect for ocean play, the Zodiac Pro 750 has plenty of deck space, storage and additional options.

    Zodiac Pro 850

    The Zodiac Pro 850 is responsive and controlled in all sea-states. With a huge range of customisation on offer, you can really personalise this boat to your standards.

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