Are you protecting your fuel system and diesel engines from Diesel Bug contamination?

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Do you actually know what Diesel Bug is? Many don’t as there is a lot of talk on the dock as to what it is.

ALL Diesel fuel has diesel bug growing in it. Put simply, Diesel bug is a commonly accepted name for contaminants like bacteria, fungi and algae growing from the blend of water with diesel.

Most boat owners would be surprised to know just how much water is in their fuel tanks and, as it is less dense than diesel, water is found at the bottom of the tank so you can’t easily see it. The most common way to get water in your fuel is from condensation in the fuel tank but it can also come from filling with a poor source of Diesel.

How do you know if you have a diesel bug issue?

You can begin to identify the sludge and Diesel Bug problem by seeing black spots in fuel filters. This is why many modern fuel filters have a glass bulb for you to see inside. Without this, your Diesel service technician will need to advise you as you just can’t see inside your tanks!

If you do have an issue, the sludge from Diesel Bug will clog your filters and block the pipes to your main engine or, even worse, get sucked into the engines diesel pump and cause lines to burst or injectors to crack.

What can I do to protect against diesel bug?

If you use the contents of diesel in your fuel tanks regularly and fill the tanks regularly, this will turn over the diesel bug and moisture and should reduce your exposure to the problems of clogging the system. However, many of us are guilty of not running our boats regularly so the longer the diesel sits in the tank unused, the quicker the sludge will grow and soon you will have a big problem. Diesel bug sludge will grow at a similar rate as algae will form in a glass of water taking just a few days to begin.

You can reduce condensation in your fuel tanks by keeping them full when left for long periods to reduce the surface area of your tank making contact with ambient air. But, moisture is always present in Diesel and can come from the pump.

Keeping your fuel system clean and annual services are important keys to engine reliability and long life.

Changing the filter is only a short-term solution and can’t eliminate the source of the problem in the tank.

These suggestions will help to reduce diesel bug but may not fully protect you! Without being able to see inside the tanks, how can you feel safe from Diesel Bug contamination?

The solution: Grotamar 82 Fuel Treatment

Grotamar® 82 protects your fuel system against diesel contamination! We have been using it on clients boats for over 10 years and have had excellent success. Orakei Marine recommends a regular fuel treatment regimen along with your annual engine servicing procedures to really safeguard against diesel bug.

We have even had clients see the sludge from Diesel bug disappear after prolonged and routine use of Grotomar 82 and this is why we are such advocates of the product.

We sell this from our online shop as well as having stock at the marina and even offering the service of adding it to your tanks for you.

Give us a call to discuss how adding Grotamar to your maintenance schedule will aid in keeping your diesels running smoothly and add reliability to your boating experience.

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