The Family Pacific Dream

Mar 20, 2019 News

Take a look into the adventures on board Ganesha, a Lagoon 380 that's had an exhilarating life so far.

After working in the boating industry for several years in Asia, Thibaut, his wife Marjorie and their two boys, Ulysse and Titouan decided it was time to set sail on their own adventure.

Prior to their trip, the family were already very involved with the marine scene, with Thibaut working for Groupe Bénéteau and Marjorie for Dream Yacht Charter. They had also sailed regularly as a family on their First 20 in Hong Kong and charter yachts abroad. This time, they wanted to be fully immersed in the lifestyle, so after careful planning, they set off on a 6-month escape last year, sailing the clear waters of the Coral Sea, living the family Pacific dream.

Their boat was delivered and commissioned in Nouméa, with their adventure beginning in July 2018.  In New Caledonia, they explored idyllic locations along the mainland coast, then ventured further to the Ile des Pins (Isle of Pines) and the Loyalty Islands ( Lifou). Following this, they sailed across to Vanuatu and island hopped from Tanna up to Malekula, finally returning to Nouméa.

Their days consisted of discovering islands, meeting local people, maintaining their boat, fishing, cooking and sailing, all whilst home-schooling their boys on board!

After the experience of a lifetime, it was time for the family to move on to Europe in December 2018.

Ganesha was delivered by a skipper to Auckland for a brief period before she was sold to her new owners, who will be taking her to the Bay of Islands for a Pacific dream of their own.






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