Dealer Meeting Round-up From France

Aug 9, 2016 Uncategorized

Over the winter months, the powers that be at Orakei, Mark Schmack and Jason Snashall, flew up to Europe for the annual dealers meeting.  As Orakei represents quite a few different brands, it was a busy couple of weeks, but very informative as well.  


After a stressful long haul flight, there was no rest for the wicked as Mark and Jason arrived, they jumped straight into a car and headed off on a Tour de France.


First stop was the Lagoon factory… where the guys had the opportunity to see Orakei Marine’s very own Lagoon 42, due for delivery in time to be displayed at Auckland Boat Show this year.  Parking was a nightmare, so they had to make do and park the rental under our Lagoon 42.

After a very informative presentation about Lagoon development as a brand, as well as the surge in demand meaning Lagoon are able to expand to new territory with brand new models to rival the superyacht range with a 77 foot sailing cat, and a 78 foot motor cat, the latter of which will be coming down the the Australasia region next year for display at Sydney Boatshow 2017 alongside a 630 Lagoon… sure to be turning some heads next year!


Next stop was the Prestige factory, where Mark got the chance to check in on the twomodels ordered this year, another Prestige 500S, and the first Prestige 500 Flybridge model, which has since been delivered and currently being commissioned ready for the Auckland Boat Show.  Lots to take in again, mainly on the development of the brand and revealing their new models for the year such as the 560, 630 and the 680S… Exciting times for a strong brand in New Zealand.



Of course Jeanneau Power and Sail had some exciting developments, with restyling on the ever popular NC11, Jason and Mark got to have a look at some of the new look interiors, with yet another one of these great boats on it’s way to New Zealand, it’s good to see the subtle changes year on year that continue to make Jeanneau Power so successful.

Meanwhile the sail division announced new models for the year with the brand new Jeanneau 51′ Yacht, and off the back of the 57, a brand new 58′ model also launching this year.  The 51 being nominated for the EU Yacht of the Year award just gives more credence to Jeanneau dominating the Sailboat market with at least one nomination every year across the board.


It was a busy couple of weeks… but in between all the meetings, and presentations, there was of course a chance to get stuck in to everyone’s favourite sport.



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