Enter the digital age of smart boats with SeanApps

Get ready to revolutionise the way you interact with your beloved vessel with Seanapps. Seamlessly connecting your boat to your smartphone, Seanapps is set to transform your boating experience like never before.

What is Seanapps, you ask? It’s a cutting-edge application and hardware combo designed to keep your boat safe, well-maintained, and ready to cruise at a moment’s notice. With the onboard Seanapps unit and a user-friendly mobile app, you’ll have all your boat information right at your fingertips.

Here’s why Seanapps is about to become your new favourite boating companion:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: Say goodbye to nasty surprises with live views of your boat and real-time notifications for critical information like battery levels and water in the bilge. Plus, with geo-fencing and anchoring features, you’ll always know where your boat is and when it’s on the move.
  2. Simplified Maintenance: Keeping your boat in top condition has never been easier. Seanapps provides maintenance recommendations tailored to your boat’s needs, allows for in-app scheduling of interventions with your dealer, and even keeps a digital maintenance book for hassle-free record-keeping. There is even a cool shore power connection feature so you can ensure your boats batteries are fully charged and ready to go!
  3. Customized User Experience: Enjoy a personalized navigation logbook, access owner’s manuals and technical documentation with ease, and stay up-to-date with the latest news and special offers—all within the Seanapps app.
  4. Data Collection: Wondering what data Seanapps collects? It’s all about customization. Seanapps gathers information specific to your boat’s usage, providing you with consistent and relevant data. And the more your boat’s equipment is connected to Seanapps, the more data you’ll have access to.

Best of all, Seanapps is compatible with any type of boat, regardless of age or brand. Plus, it requires only a simple 12V/24V power supply to get started, making it accessible and easy to install for boaters of all levels. All new Jeanneau, Prestige and Wellcraft boats are coming pre-equipped with Seanapps already. How fortunate is it?

So, if are you ready to take your boating experience to the next level – say hello to Seanapps and say goodbye to the hassle.

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Orakei Marine specialists, Scott and Riki were very helpful and very informative. In recognition of this obvious skill and attention, we have every confidence in your maintenance team for all our future routine work. Thank you again for such attention to detail.
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