Jeanneau yachts shares: making it work for you.

Jeanneau Yachts Shares is a powerful tool to maximize the value of your yacht investment. Spend less, enjoy more!

1. What is Yacht Syndication:

Yacht Syndication is the shared ownership of a vessel. Are you dreaming of entering the luxury yacht world with a smaller budget? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of owning a boat without dealing with maintenance? Maybe you want to buy a boat with your friends? Or perhaps you travel around the world and can only use your boat a couple of months a year? Yacht Syndication is a great choice for all these situations, and we’re going to explain why!

2. How Yacht Syndication Works:

After choosing the boat and the size of the share you’d like to own, you need to apply with us for the syndication. Once the deposit is paid and we have others on board to share the vessel, syndication is created, and the new boat is ordered from the factory. We prepare the boat upon arrival and set you up with the time-sharing “Boat Equity” App, where you can reserve dates to use your vessel. That’s it! All servicing, washing & cleaning, berthage, and insurance are included in our servicing fee, which is paid monthly and is at least twice cheaper than other options on the market!

According to official research from Maritime New Zealand, the average Kiwi boat owner is only out on the water 23 times a year. As boat owners, there are probably an equal number of days spent on maintenance, administration, and repairs. With boat syndication, it turns the 23 days a year of boating into 58 available days a year with a 1/6 ownership option or 88 days a year with a 1/4 option. This gives all the benefits of luxury boat ownership for a fraction of the price by spreading the cost of maintenance, servicing, and berthage in Auckland’s convenient and most sought-after premiere location, our very own Orakei Marina.

3. Orakei Marine Yacht Syndication Options:

Now we have two options available for syndication:

Both boats are ready and will be in New Zealand within 8-10 weeks from the order! It’s your chance to spend next summer on the water exploring beautiful New Zealand coasts from the comfort of your own yacht!

Do you have any further questions? We are here to help!

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