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Sun Odyssey 410 *NEW*

Sailing has never been more enjoyable aboard a 41-foot sailboat! With her elegant yet powerful hull, the Sun Odyssey 410 perfects the art of sailing and comfort on board.

Designed by Marc Lombard, the 410 benefits from all the latest advances in technology and design.

For example, the negative bow increases waterline length and improves bow penetration into the water, this also allows for less drag and greater speed. She also has a hard chine running the full length of the hull making it more powerful and stable and the self-aligning rudders and bearings give a responsive feel on the helm. Her powerful bow thruster gives her great manoeuvrability.

The model is particularly secure, featuring recessed sidedecks without obstacles and comfortable coaming. Following her predecessors from the 8th generation, the Sun Odyssey 410 benefits from a lower boom, which facilitates access to the sail and increases the sail area. Centralised winches, which can be controlled directly from the cockpit, also contribute to safety on board.

There are multiple interior layouts available!

The interior is at once surprising and consistent with the Sun Odyssey line, where innovation serves to heighten the aesthetic and the level of comfort. Designed by Jean-Marc Piaton and his crew, the interior design reveals the stunning potential for a sailboat of this size.

The partitions and the distribution of space were designed in a somewhat atypical fashion in order to maximise the interior space, both visually and physically. The eye easily follows the uninterrupted interior lines.

The Sun Odyssey 410 is offered in multiple versions with different interior layouts offering two or three cabins. For the two cabin version, the extra space can be configured as a very large workshop.

Shoal and swing keel models are now available!

Price is for the boat including Trim Level Premiere, Performance Pack, Electronics Pack, Anchoring & Mooring Kit, Sprayhood, all NZ taxes, shipping, commissioning in NZ and is subject to currency fluctuation.

Listing Details

  • $499,000 NZD
  • Jeanneau
  • Sun Odyssey 410
  • 12.35 m / 40'6"
  • 2.14 m / 7'0"
  • 3.99 m / 13'1"
  • Sail
  • Mono
  • GRP
  • Sail
  • Inboard
  • 195 l / 52 US gal

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Email - sales@orakeimarine.co.nz
Sun Odyssey 410 *NEW*
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Sun Odyssey 410 *NEW*
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